Free Same-Day Delivery

We strive to make ordering your prescriptions simple. Call or go fill your request online and our friendly staff members will take it from there, giving you their ultimate attention and dedication each time.

Reasonable Costs

We guarantee the lowest prices for all your medical needs with no wait time. Price matching when a competitor’s price is lower than ours!

All Insurances Welcome

We accept all insurances, Workers Compensation, and Auto Insurance. We might even be able to help you get your prescriptions at no cost to you, if you were hurt in an accident and don’t have the cash.


How should I dispose of my medications that I no longer need or are expired?
How can I fill my prescription at your pharmacy?
What should I drink when taking my medications?

Why Us?

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Full line of durable and high quality medical equipment and supplies to fit every lifestyle at competitive prices.


Custom Medications Compounding

Have allergies? Don’t worry, we’ll customize it for you. With our specialists dedicated to give you the best service, we individualize formulas to fit your needs, and even add flavors to if you want! We also offer custom veterinary compounding.

Medication Interactions

Between your prescriptions and over the counter medications, you have nothing to worry about. Because we care about your health, we check all your medications to prevent drug interactions.

We Take It to the Finish Line

Easy transfer of prescriptions, with auto refills for your convenience. We check with your doctor when authorizations if needed, and deliver your medications to your door step for free!

Trust Pharmacy Newsletters

Trust Pharmacy Newsletters brings the latest clinical articles and general medical news straight to your email inbox. Stay on top of all health-related topics to keep your family and your loved ones safe.

We take precautions to protect your information, and will not share your information with any third party outside of our pharmacy.

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Our Pharmacist’s Advice at a Glance

Pharmacists are not there to dispense medication only, they can help you know more about your body and its interaction with medication or food better than anyone else.

Our pharmacist, RPH. Michael Shaker, started Trust Pharmacy five years ago, with years of experience in the field, with a vision to make pharmacies all about the patients and their needs and to build that TRUST between a patient and his/her pharmacist in all health related issues.

“When people think of a pharmacist’s job, they think he spends his workdays isolated and hidden away behind a counter doling out pills, dropping them into little plastic vials and handing them to customers,” said RPH. Shaker.

He continues to say that this might be an accurate job description for a retail druggist circa in the seventies, but it’s far from the multi-tasking the job requires these days. “Pharmacists are moving into areas that have long been the exclusive devision of doctors and nurses: screening for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, providing vaccination for diseases, counseling patients about the increasing panoply of medications they are prescribed and, offering basic medical advice.”

Our Partner

Because we are more than just another pharmacy, we are your Good Neighbor Pharmacy Store in the Tampa Bay Area.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy® brand has been helping private pharmacies build on their innovative achievement through the support and resources of a well-recognized national brand for more than two decades.

Today, more than 3,200 strong and growing, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy brand is recognized by their customers for caring, knowledgeable service, high-quality products, and real value in every visit and spend; We are proud to be among them.

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